Sunglasses maintenance methods

After buying sunglasses, there are rarely ones pay attention on sunglasses’ maintenance. Maybe some people think that I only wear it this summer, and many people think that they buy sunglasses only to protect against ultraviolet rays and fashion. As for other sunglasses, they will not consider it. In fact, if a sunglasses It is often littered, and its function will be weakened over time. Not only will it not be able to resist ultraviolet rays, it may also cause your eye health problems.

The maintenance of sunglasses is almost the same as ordinary glasses. Now let’s take a look at how to take care of the sunglasses.

1. If the lens has stains, grease or fingerprints, use the soft cotton cloth in the special sunglasses accessories to wipe the dust or dirt on the lens. Never use nails or products with chemical ingredients to remove spots on the lens
2. When don’t wear, they should be carefully removed and wiped well. When placing it, first fold up the left temple (take the wearing side as the standard), place the mirror face up, wrap it with a lens cleaning cloth, and place it in a special bag. Take care to prevent the lens and frame from being scratched by hard objects or squeezed for a long time.
3. Prohibit prolonged exposure to water, soak in water, and place in a fixed place to be exposed to sunlight; prolonged exposure to electricity or metal is prohibited
4. Also pay attention to the places where oil and broken hair are easy to accumulate, such as temples and nose pads. Remember, do not wash with high temperature water or put it in a humid place.
5. It is also easy to deform the frame when taking glasses with one hand.
6. If the frame is deformed or uncomfortable to wear, go to the optical shop to celebrate the professional adjustment.

Pay more attention on the care of sunglasses, so that the sunglasses can be more fully protected, and the sunglasses can be better protected.

Post time: Aug-18-2020